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Testimonials From Our Patients

  • My introduction to Cortland Radiation Oncology came in November 2007.  This was my second bout with breast cancer.  My impression was very favorable.  I was greeted by Nancy with a smile and the “pink bag” with the things I would need to know about this phase of my treatment. Needless to say, I was feeling rather frightened and nervous.  I think this is normal under the circumstances.  The biggest thing I remember is how every single person on the staff at Radiation Oncology Services of Cortland goes far and above to make you feel at ease, hopeful.  This made the treatments go smoothly.  The care I had here was excellent.
    Gracie - Lisle, NY
  • In November I was told I had breast cancer.  After two surgeries I needed radiation.  I choose the office of Dr. Fallon, Radiation Oncology on the Commons.  I am very happy with this facility.  They give excellent care in a warm, friendly environment.  The staff always put the patient’s need first and foremost.  They give you the feeling that you are family.  When I had issues and was extremely upset, they did everything they could to help me.  I highly recommend them.  
    Denise - Homer, NY
  • Having lived and worked in Cortland County most of my adult life, it was so easy to hear the many wonderful stories from current and former patients and their family members regarding Dr. Fallon and the staff at Radiation Oncology Services in Cortland,   So, when I was diagnosed with cancer and I learned I would need radiation treatment, my first choice was Dr. Fallon. My Oncologist in Binghamton agreed with my decision and it was one of the best decisions I have made.  I, and my family, was relieved to know that I did not need to drive to Binghamton every day to receive the same caring, compassionate and competent services for the course of my treatment.  I was able to go to work every day while receiving treatment with minimal time off. Radiation Oncology Services in Cortland provided us with an alternative treatment center that made our lives and my recovery time easier and less stressful.  I highly recommend Dr. Fallon and the staff at Radiation Oncology Services in Cortland to anyone who seeks radiation treatment close to home.
    Jeannette - Cortland, NY